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Western Tantra

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An Arctic Origin of Civilization Part 2

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Shambhala: The Spiritual Axis of the World

Enneagram, Jesus and the Way
by J.C. Fontes

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By John R. Francis

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Sufis and The Nine Unknowns

Prophecy in the Third Millenium

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Is Democracy Under Threat?

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International Sales

Currently Available

International Sales 

Currently Available

"Mysteries of the Bridechamber" is available now in selected Australian bookshops. Copies can be purchased on-line at Brumby Books and selected resellers listed below. We will update this page as soon as copies are available in other shops. More Info Here

On-Line Resellers in Australia International Resellers
Booktopia Amazon UK Mysteries of the Bridechamber
HolisticPage Amazon UK Shambhala
Fishpond Barnes and Noble USA
Seekbooks List of international current resellers
Brick and Mortar
(Real Book Shops)
Adyar in Sydney
Mary Ryan's in QLD
Collins in QLD
Dymocks in NSW
Angus & Robertson's in QLD
Earthly Dreams in NSW
T.S bookshops in SA and VIC
The Book Hog in NSW
American Bookshop in QLD
Little Shop of Harmony in VIC

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