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A Yoga of Love:
Western Tantra

An Arctic Origin Of Civilization Part 1

An Arctic Origin of Civilization Part 2

Spiritual Psychology: An Evolving Paradigm

Shambhala: The Spiritual Axis of the World

Enneagram, Jesus and the Way
by J.C. Fontes

The Javanese Mystical Tradition

"Keys To The Parables"
By John R. Francis

G.I. Gurdjieff -The Hidden History of the Sufi

Prophet of Hope

The Roerich Expeditions: Magical Gifts

Sufis and The Nine Unknowns

Prophecy in the Third Millenium

Lessons of Old Age

Is Democracy Under Threat?

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Tibetan Salts dot com

Salt Lamps
Tibetansalts   provide a wide variety of Rock Salt Lamps, and other natural and organic related supplies.
They also pledge a portion of any proceeds to charity.

Inner Traditions, one of the oldest and largest publishers devoted to the spiritual and healing traditions of the world.

Victoria LePage's new work entitled "Mysteries of the Bridechamber" has been published and is now available in most countries.

New Dawn Magazine

This website has many articles and publishes a bimonthly magazine.
Well worth a look at the site. Subscriptions available.

Sacred Connections

Sacred Connections provides information on Scotland's hidden past, Celtic history, sacred mysteries, earth energies, new awareness (spiritual, health, economics). Sacred Connections also has an educational focus on spiritual and holistic studies providing seminar/workshops, talks, and guided tours to sacred sites in Highland Perthshire, Scotland.

Quest Books is a theosophical publishing house that is worthwhile to explore. Quest published Victoria LePage's Shambhala: The Fascinating Truth behind the Myth of Shangri-La

Purchase from Amazon: Shambhala: The Fascinating Truth Behind the Myth of Shangri-la

Wikipedia entry on Victoria LePage :

  Theosophical Society of Australia

Victoria LePage has had a few articles published in their publications:

  • QstUSA y1997 v85 i6 June p18 - A Trafficway of Angels: The Myth of Shambhala [exerpts] -- Victoria LePage
  • QstUSA y1998 v86 i2 February p46 - Javanese Mysticism and the Badui People -- Victoria LePage
  • QstUSA y1999 v87 i6 Nov_Dec p212 - The God Debate: Monotheism vs Panentheism in Postmodern Society -- Victoria LePage


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