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Shambhala: The Spiritual Axis of the World

Enneagram, Jesus and the Way
by J.C. Fontes

The Javanese Mystical Tradition

"Keys To The Parables"
By John R. Francis

G.I. Gurdjieff -The Hidden History of the Sufi

Prophet of Hope

The Roerich Expeditions: Magical Gifts

Sufis and The Nine Unknowns

Prophecy in the Third Millenium

Lessons of Old Age

Is Democracy Under Threat?

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Thoughts on Esoteric Knowledge - Gnosis and Spirituality
Victoria LePage
(Official Website)

Mysteries of the Bridechamber The Initiation of Jesus and the Temple of Solomon is now available in most countries of the world. Please check out Sales and Distribution for more information.

Victoria LePage's newest article, "A Yoga of Love" is a review of the historical and current thinking on Western Tantra.     more article descriptions

Guest Authors

Our new guest author, Joao C. Fontes has written an article, interpreting Jesus's life and way with a multidisciplinary approach using the personality enneagram, also sourcing Sufi, Zen and Kabbalah themes. It is a very interesting read "For those who have eyes to see."

Our first guest author John Francis, has written "Keys to the Parables", a treatise on the revelations of Jesus Christ to his disciples.

"It is hoped that this ... will reach those who have sufficient inner awareness and contemplative experience to recognize the inner dimension of Christís teachings that lies beneath the literal language of metaphor."
John R. Francis

 Previous Articles

"An Arctic Origin of Civilization Part 2? follows on from part 1 which examines the implications of the recent archaeological discoveries of Arkaim. Going back to ancient and biblical sources, some esoteric commentaries and precessional astronomy; the Spiritual Force, Victoria LePage surmises, "seeks instead to recapture the ancient Arctic accord and to set forth new terms for a viable future for humankind."

An Arctic Origin of Civilization? (Part 1)
The recent archaeological discoveries of Arkaim in the South Urals in the light of early human development where we find traces of another 'Stonehenge' and an advanced Bronze aged civilization. But there is more to this than meets the eye! This is a great read for those interested in the origins of world culture and guidance.

Victoria LePage's article 'Spiritual Psychology - An Evolving Paradigm' is an examination of the new paradigm that has evolved from the Freud-Jung frictions in psychology. "that will honour the spiritual as well as the social needs of clients."

Shambhala: The Spiritual Axis of the World. This is the first of a series of articles on Shambhala's spiritual significance in many cultures and how it is a gateway to higher levels of perception.

Her article The Javanese Mystical Tradition describes the link between the recently deceased ex-President Soeharto and the mystical culture which had influenced him throughout his life. Yet as we suspect, there is much more to this mystical tradition!

The Hidden History of the Sufi encompassing 40,000 years of human history, has been very popular with our readers and visitors.

We would like to thank all of you who have contacted Victoria by email. She appreciates very much, your kind thoughts and comments.

The books on Shambhala and Mysteries of the Bridechamber by Victoria LePage are the result of evolving spiritual awareness, esoteric knowledge and consciousness. Her life experiences and work in esoteric schools has provided her with rare insight about Christianity, Esoteric and Gnostic history, elements of which are fundamental in her published works.

Her views and arguments may be controversial, but are certainly thought-provoking, leading the reader to question and the seeker to find direction in the search for understanding and knowledge.

All of her books are meticulously referenced and cited to a high academic standard, a rarity amongst works of this genre.

Shambhala The Fascinating Truth behind the Myth of Shangri-La
is arguably, the best work in recent times on the origins of the "Myth" and the significance of Shangri-La itself.

Mysteries of the Bridechamber The Initiation of Jesus and the Temple of Solomon is a must read on historical Jesus and the early Church.

Peter Martyn

(Last update- 28th October 2009)